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to Track Attendance by Faces

About The Attendlab®

AttendLab® is a Mobile App helps organizations tracking their people timesheets by recognizing their faces, location, and check in/out timestamp. AttendLab® works in real-time over the internet, so people can check in or out from the workplace by showing their faces to a mobile or tablet device; and HR or Team Manager can view people attendance immediately.

Why AttendLab®?

Cost Saving: Free Updates, No Technical Installation, No Network Infrastructure, and Works with any Mobile/Tablet 
Mobility: Mobility, Field & Office Attendance, Multi-time zones, and Cloud Access 
Cloud Access: System Access Roles & Permissions, IP & Geolocation Restrictions, Multi-users, and Audit Log 





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What People Have Said About AttendLab®

Overall good and promising experience, It’s new attraction and utility for the smart gadgets
Reghu N.  CFO

easy navigate, design, access and trail offer 
Mounir E.  COO
It's easy to install and use the app, also the implementation done smoothly
AbdulRahman H.  Sales

AttendLab® works best for companies have many employees in field and/or multi-time zones such as construction, services, and multi branches businesses. It also helps Education Industry by tracking students in field or school buses. In addition, AttendLab® works very well in office environment and Medical premises controlling infection by minimizing the cards or fingers touch. Many other businesses and industries can get benefit of the Facial Recognition since it is the most secure technology to identify people. This industries could be Banks, Oil and Gas, Governments, Money Transportation, and more ..

Who can use AttendLab®?

(tel) +1 (905) 678-6962 | (fax) +1 (905) 970-0097 | (toll-free) +1 (800) 517–0250  | | |  (address) 90 Burnhamthorpe RD W, Suite 1400, Mississauga, ON L5B3C3, Canada .

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  • Legacy Biometric Systems (Finger Print and RFID Cards) Providers 
  • Cloud Solution Providers

Who should partner with us?

  • Lifetime recurring revenue 
  • Easy sales and deal closing 
  • Lead Generation 
  • 20% Commission of Sales and Upselling
  • Free Technical Support 
  • Easy to install and support 
  • Potential Mobile or Tablet Sales 
  • You don't need to hire technicians or technical team
  • Online installation and Support

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