End-to-end Technology Solutions.

Why Haya Solutions?

A single point of contact

Dedicated Certified Project Manager and two higher levels of direct escalations

We are Local

Avoid Communication Barriers, timezone differences, and local processes & regulations unawareness 

We are committed 

Accountable and professional team believes in integrity, respect, and transparency values

Success Guaranteed

Ensure high-quality deliverables with a team that has a track record of seccessful projects


BBB accredited business rated A+ for zero complaints for 8 years. 5 Starts Online rating and reviews. We add value and build trust for a long-term relationship

90 Burnhamthorpe Rd W   |   W. Tower   |   14th floor Suite 1400   |   Mississauga   |   ON L5B 3C3   |  Canada
+1 (800) 517–0250   |   +1 (905) 678-6962   |   
Fax : +1(905) 970-0097   |   info@hayasolutions.com  

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